Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2nd Handout

This is my second leave-behind I've made. This one is for the Disney Animation Studios and it will be delivered there tomorrow. As you can see again, it looks ordinary from the outside.

But wait, what's that red mark at the top?

Oh look, it's Ariel! This one is entirely paper as well, with a bit of gouache. My resume is behind the back panel (you can see it peeking out a bit on the side) and my business card is detachable.

And here are some detail shots

This one also folds up to be almost completely flat.


I figure that now that I'm living in Burbank and so close to all these amazing studios, I should do something special. So I decided to make these special folders, not just to show the studios my art, but to also give them my new information.

This is the first folder I made and you can see it looks like a normal folder from the outside.

 But once you open it, it looks like this.

This one was made for Nickelodeon Studios. It's made mostly of paper with a bit of gouache here and there. You can see my updated resume is behind the back panel. And my business card is up front and detachable.

Here are some details of the piece.

Everything folds up so that it's almost completely flat.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sick Days Craft Project

I've been out with a bad cold for the past few days and I barricaded myself into my apartment in hopes of not getting anyone else sick. So to keep myself busy, I decided to do some little craft projects.

This is my favorite that I've done so far. It's a wall decal made from transparent Contact covering based on Disney's Peter Pan. Disney has always been a huge inspiration to me and one of the main reasons I became an artist. So now every time I look at my wall, I feel a little bit more of the Disney magic.