Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

This piece is based on the cute show Chi's Sweet Home. I fell in love with it immediately after watching it. This piece is for sale!

Space Girl Commission

This was a commission I got to do for a friend. It was so much fun to try something different.

Etsy Store and New PaperCut

I've been continuing with the paper cut outs recently and I've posted a few of them in my Etsy. Feel free to check them out! I'll be posting more pieces in there over the next few weeks.

I just finished this piece yesterday and it's for sale in the store! It's based off of Alice in Wonderland. 

This piece from the Chinese New Year is also up for sale in the store.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Folder for Now

This folder was made for Dreamworks Animation. It has my resume in the back and my business card is removable. I had a ton of fun working on this and experimenting with a few different techniques.

Unfortunately this is the last folder I'm doing for the different studios for now. I hope everyone enjoyed them!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Still More Folders To Come

This one was created for Jim Henson Studios. I grew up watching the Muppet Show so this piece brought back so many wonderful memories! As with the others, my resume is behind the back panel and my business card is removable.

Statler's hair is actually a light grey, but the light was coming from behind him so it looks white.

I'm having a ton of fun making these and I'm learning a lot in the process!

Just Another Folder

Continuing with my folders that I'm creating, I made this one, which is for Disney Imagineering. Disney has always been a huge inspiration for me and just seeing and thinking about all the effort they put into everything they do makes me want to help them out so badly. So I put as much effort into this pop up as I could to make it more complex than the others.

 The outside looks ordinary, but inside it's a party!

You can't really tell from the photos but the plates slightly twist when the folder is opened. 

My detachable business card.

I hope they enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!