Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Final Thesis Pieces

These are the final two pieces from my senior thesis. Both are paper cut outs with dimension.

 This was the most challenging and most fun of all my thesis pieces to make. The rain is made from easter grass that's glued together. Made of paper, gouache, and easter grass.

This one is small but fun. It's made of paper and gouache as well. 

Both of these pieces allowed me to try new techniques and methods of paper cutting and experiment with it as well. With each piece I do, I seem to learn more and more, which is amazing!

While I was going through all my moving boxes, I found some other paper pieces that I don't think I ever shared. So I decided to post them here.

This was made for a gallery I got to be a part of last year. The show was called "The Cute Show" and featured a bunch of talented artists!

This was also for the same show. It's based off of the Legend of Zelda: Windwaker game. This one never quite got finished but I still enjoy the boat and characters.

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