Saturday, March 17, 2012


EDIT: PLEASE stop asking me if you can buy/rent this puppet or if I'll make one for you. He has been gone for years and I don't plan on making another one for your school's event. THANK YOU

I've been wanting to share this with everyone for a while, but I finally just got some good photos of him. This is actually my first puppet I built and he was built two years ago.

This is my version of Zazu from the Lion King, and he's based off of the Zazu puppet from the Lion King on Broadway. Since he was my first puppet, he's definitely the one that I learned the most from. His eyes blink, his mouth moves, and his wings flap. The feathers on the wings, the back of his head, and his tail are all able to be posed in different positions to show different emotions.

Here's a quick video of some of his functions:


  1. Again, SO awesome! it's about time you posted this!

  2. Vert cool, I love it! Do you have any tips on making him? I've made a head/beak so far but I'm a bit stuck from here. Any help you can offer would be wonderful!

    1. Well the neck is just a slinky with fabric covering it, and the body is just a chunk of foam. Is there something specific you need help with?

    2. Great puppet! What are the eyes made of and are the 'feathers' on the body and neck fabric, foam, or paper? I can't make out what material you used.

  3. Do you wanna make a tourtial ?


  4. I would love to see how you did this . I am trying my hand at making one for our middle school production.

  5. Hey! This puppet is amazing! I looked at a few of your other pieces and they're great as well! Thank you for sharing your talent. I'm trying to learn more about puppet making, and I was trying to make one of these myself to start. I was wondering- what type of fabric is around the neck/body? I really like the texture but I can't find anything similar in stores. I appreciate any help you can provide!